Introduction of Kö-jó Tűzvédelmi Zrt:

Kö-jó Tűzvédelmi Zrt. (Private Company Limited by Shares) (established in 1998) is an export-import fire extinguishers and fire equipments manufacturing wholesale company. The company operates according to the EN ISO 9001:2009 quality system and its main Policy principles are to achieve a product list that is qualitative, broadening, competitive priced, suited to the standard requirements and to the expectations of the European Union, meanwhile its service ensures the highest possible level to satisfy our trading partners.

One of our most popular and commonly known products is the MAXIMA fire extinguisher family brand that corresponds to the requirements of MSZ EN 3-standards and satisfies the requirements of EN 3 (EN 1866) standard and marked with CE mark according to it.

We are at continuous full service with constantly growing product list toward our customers with fire extinguishers and its accessories (plastic and metal boxes, wall-support, fire covers besides other extinguisher equipments ( fire hydrant, fire hose, branch pipe, special keys, etc) as well as products like fire protection and labour safety signing boards, labels, fitting.

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