Gas and smoke detector KJGE01

Operational description

This high technology Gas detector adopts advanced electronic gas sensor. It can detect gas leak thickness indoor. When gas leak thickness reaches presetting level, the alarm provides a visual and audible signal. When the thickness is below presetting level , the alarm resume to the normal working state, that avoid person loss and property damage lead by toxics, explosion and fire because of gas leak.




Detecting gas: LPG, natural gas, smoke and coal gas

Power supply: AC100V~AC240V

Power frequency: 50/60Hz

Alarm thickness: LPG: 0.1~ 0.5%; natural gas: 0.1~ 0.3%; coal gas 0.1~ 0.5%

Alarm volume:?85dB

Working environment: -10?~50? relative
humidity <97%RH
Storage temperature: -25?~55?


Dimensions (height, width, depth): 120mm * 70mm * 30mm

Installation area
The alarm should be installed where be prone to observation and whiff testing. It should be installed in the room where there is gas-fired utensil (e.g.: gas boiler, gas-oven) and gas leak occur possibly. Should not be installed next to vibrating objects, e.g. refrigerator, air conditioner.


Alcohol tester


KERMI license: E-2007/000054-1

Operational description:

Simply to use
It can detect 0,01-0,16 thousandths blood alcohol level. It also functions as thermometer and alarm-clock.


Package includes battery.


Dimensions (height, width, depth):
100mm * 35mm * 20mm


Alkohol teszter